The Basics

When I started blogging a few days ago, I didn’t have the necessary sections about me completed. But now, after some straining and effective time management (ha!), I have polished off both a Bio page and one containing some of my views on Theology. Please note, both are going to be considered under constant construction!

These pages can also be conveniently found underneath the text in my header photo. Thanks for visiting and reading, everyone!

New Beginnings

Tonight’s post will be a quick one, as I had an exciting but fulfilling day!

It was the first day of orientation for my Master’s program at Anderson University. See above for some student ID card hilarity, but at least it’s better than my strung-out-high looking Eminem wannabe ID card that I carried around at Miami!

Anyhow, I met several of the wise professors and dedicated staff members in the School of Theology today, along with many of my fellow new students. The whole time, I felt encouraged that this is the place I should be. The next two years or so will be an important and formative time in my theological life, and I am excited to be with such a seemingly genuine group of people.

Tomorrow is the second of three days of orientation. Looking forward to it!