My work has been showcased in the following venues.

Written Work

June 2023“Toward the New Testament Canon as Fourth-Century Invention: The Scriptural List of Athanasius and Its Reverberations,” Journal article forthcoming in Religion & Theology
April 2023The Shepherd of Hermas as Scriptura Non Grata: From Popularity in Early Christianity to Exclusion from the New Testament Canon (Lexington Books)
April 2019Book Note with Ancient Jew Review: Drew Billings, Acts of the Apostles and the Rhetoric of Roman Imperialism

Conferences and Presentations

Nov. 2022“‘Transmitted to the Fathers’: The New Testament Canon as Ancient Invention”
Society of Biblical Literature 2022 Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado
Nov. 2021“On the Creation of Early Christian Doctrine: A Third-Century Episcopal Response to the Perniciousness of Gambling”
Society of Biblical Literature 2021 Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas
Nov. 2019“The Salvific Tower of the Shepherd of Hermas in Early Christian Reception”
Society of Biblical Literature 2019 Annual Meeting, San Diego, California
Nov. 2018“‘Useful for the Tower’: Belonging to the ‘Name’ in the Shepherd of Hermas”
Society of Biblical Literature 2018 Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado
June 2018“Bede, John of Damascus, and the Ongoing Appeal of Heresiological Tactics in Eighth-Century Christianity”
International Society for Heresy Studies Third Biennial Meeting, London, England
March 2017“The Son, All Spelled Out: Reading the ‘Unchristened’ Text of the Shepherd of Hermas”
Society of Biblical Literature Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting, Boulder, Colorado
April 2016“The Disappearance of the Shepherd: Interrogating the Extracanonicity of ‘Le Manuel de Vie Chrétienne'”
Society of Biblical Literature Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting, Denver, Colorado
Nov. 2015“Christian Heresiology in Context: ReligioSuperstitio, and Roman Rhetoric of Difference”
Society of Biblical Literature 2015 Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia
March 2015“Teaching Heresy: Toward a Critical Pedagogy for Historiographical Theological Instruction on the Church’s Early Sects”
Society of Biblical Literature Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting, Omaha, Nebraska
Nov. 2013“The Presumed Adoptionist Christology of the Ebionites: Where’s the Patristic Evidence?”
Society of Biblical Literature 2013 Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland
Oct. 2012“Tel Hazor (Israel): A Tale of Two Cities” and “A Field Journal From Area M”
Annual Jeeninga Fellowship Public Lectures, Anderson, Indiana