Take 3 Minutes to Help My Wife’s 1st Graders!

If you could give $5 of Bill Gates’ money (via Bing) to my wife’s first graders in just 3 minutes, wouldn’t you do it?

Well, you can! It is somewhat of a process, so follow closely!

Via DonorsChoose.org, my wife has set up a project she would like funded for her first grade classroom called “Ready, Set, Centers!” You can read more about it via that link. In the spirit of the holidays, Bing is giving money to projects that you can choose when you pledge to make Bing your homepage! (I don’t think you really have to follow through with it, but I digress…) So follow these steps!

  1. Go to Bing.com/Gives and click on the orange button that says “Start Here.”
  2. Under the “Bing Gives $1” option, click the orange button to proceed. This will take you to a new page which gives you the option to give even more if you make Bing your homepage. Click on that orange button and a form will pop up in your browser.
  3. Under the “I Choose. Bing Gives $5” option, enter your e-mail address twice and agree to the terms and conditions, then press the orange button that says “Make Bing my home page.”
  4. Wait a minute or so and check your e-mail… Bing will have sent you a message with a coupon code that you can redeem on DonorsChoose.
  5. Go to my wife’s page on DonorsChoose.org for “Ready, Set, Centers!
  6. In the box under “Give any amount,” type in a “5” for $5.00 (or any other amount you choose!) and click the green “>” button to proceed.
  7. On the page that will appear, click the green “Check out” button.
  8. This is where you enter the $5 coupon code that Bing sent you in your e-mail inbox. Once you enter the code and press the blue “Redeem code” button, the credit card prompt will disappear (if you only typed in $5 to give). Enter your name and e-mail address and press the green “Place my donation!” button, and you’re almost done!
  9. A new page will appear and you can type in a message that will appear on Lauren’s DonorsChoose page. If you’d like, you can anonymize yourself by clicking the “A donor” radio button!
  10. Submit that form and you are finished! Another page wanting your real cash money will pop up, but you can simply skip that without entering any information.

My wife wants to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to anyone and everyone who helps out. Up to 40 people can do so! Her little first grade rascals will be that much better prepared because of your efforts!

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