Tel Hazor Resources

If you have found your way to this page, thank you for attending or listening to my recent Jeeninga Fellowship lecture at Anderson University! I wanted to make available to the interested public these resources from my participation in the excavation and from my travels around Israel that followed. Click on the appropriate links below to download files, view photographs and read my relevant entries to this blog.

Welcome to Tel Hazor

1. Blog Posts in Situ

Before and during my trip to Israel, I blogged about the entire process, from the daytrip in Warsaw, Poland, to the nitty-gritty of digging at Hazor. A record of these entries can be found here.

2. Bibliography for Jeeninga Fellowship Lecture

The first half of my Jeeninga Fellowship Lecture on Oct. 1 focused on the History of Hazor. In order to present this, making use of the knowledge of scholarship was essential–this was not my work alone! Published materials, including both photographs and thoughts, were used from the following resources, all of which are available through the Internet and Anderson University Library:

Ashkenazi, Eli. “A 3,400-Year-Old Mystery: Who Burned the Palace of Canaanite Hatzor?” Haaretz, July 23, 2012. (accessed September 27, 2012).

Ben-Tor, Amnon. “Excavating Hazor: Solomon’s City Rises from the Ashes.” Biblical Archaeology Review 25.2 (March/April 1999): 26-37; 60.

Ben-Tor, Amnon, and Maria Teresa Rubiato. “Excavating Hazor: Did the Israelites Destroy the Canaanite City?” Biblical Archaeology Review 25.3 (May/June 1999): 22-39.

Yadin, Yigael. Hazor: The Rediscovery of a Great Citadel of the Bible. New York: Random House, 1975.

Yadin, Yigael. Hazor: With a Chapter on Israelite Megiddo (Schweich Lectures). London: Oxford University Press, 1972.

Zuckerman, Sharon. “‘The City, Its Gods Will Return There…’: Toward an Alternative Interpretation of Hazor’s Acropolis in the Late Bronze Age.” Journal of Near Eastern Studies 69.2 (October 2010): 163-178.

Zuckerman, Sharon. “Where is the Hazor Archive Buried?” Biblical Archaeology Review 32.2 (March/April 2006): 28-37.

3. Reports Submitted to the Jeeninga Museum

In partial fulfillment of my fellowship through the Jeeninga Museum at Anderson University, I submitted two reports that were initially written for the Hebrew University summer course I took during my stay at Hazor.

Download my Field Journal from Hazor (PDF, 64.8 MB)
Download my Essay on the History of Archaeology at Hazor, 1955-2012 (PDF, 161 kb)

4. My Photographs

My trip to Israel took me all the way from Dan to Beersheva, and my camera was active the whole time! To view my photographs, click here for my Flickr Collections.

5. Additional Resources

There are a handful of other resources that may be interesting to some individuals:

  1. For more information about the Hazor Excavations, click here for the Hebrew University’s page.
  2. In the second half of the dig season, our work made headlines in the Israeli media. Click here for the story in English from Israel’s Haaretz.
  3. One of the ladies from South Africa, Cecilia Lombard, created a timelapse video on Day 10 of the dig. I am visible in the video if you know where to look! View the video on Vimeo’s website.

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